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Deshi Ghnta odia recipe


Tomato – 100gm
Piaja ( Onion)- 100gm
Kabuli Chana( Chick Peas)-50 gm
Badi – 25 gm
Dhania Patra (Coriander Leaves, Cilantro)- 25 gm
Ada (Ginger) – 25 gm
Rasuna(Garlic) – 25 gm
Refine Tela (Refined Oil) – 100 gm
Haladi Gunda (Turmeric Powder)- 1 tsp
Pancha Phutan ( Pancha Phoran)- 4 tsp
Sukhila Lanka (Dry Chili) – 1 or 2( as per taste)
Teja Patra( Bay Leaf)- 2 pcs
Tarkari Masala Powder( Curry Powder) – 2tsp
Lanka Gunda( Chili Powder)- 1tsp
Luna( Salt) – as per taste
Amurta Bhanda (Papaya)- 200 gm
Beans – 80 gm
Sajana Chhuin( Drumstick)- 60 gm
Baigana(Brinjal, Eggplant)- 175gm
Janhi( Ridge Gourd)- 130 gm
Bandha Kobi( Cabbage)- 150 gm
Mati Aloo(Yam) – 100 gm
Kakharu( Pumpkin)-100gm
Moola( Radish)- 100 gm
Barbati( Runner Beans) -100 gm
Aloo( Potato) -150 gm


Soak the chick peas in water for 4 hrs. Boil them after it. Cut the vegetables into medium small pieces( cabbage, potato, radish , papaya, beans, brinjal, ridge gourd, Yam, pumpkin, runner beans, tomato). Cut the drumstick into 2 inch long pieces.
Cut thin slices of onion, crush the ginger and garlic.
Heat oil in a deep pan, fry the badi s till it turns golden brown, take out from oil and keep aside.
Add pancha phutan, dry chili and bay leaf to the oil. When it s starts spluttering add crushed ginger garlic, fry it for 1, 2 mins. Add sliced onion.
When the onion turns golden brown add the cut vegetables except tomato and drumstick. Add the boiled chick peas. Stir well.
Put turmeric powder, curry powder, chili powder and salt to taste. Stir it properly and cover it. Stir it in low flame.
When the vegetables are half cooked ,add tomatoes and drumstick . Cover it and cook it till the vegetables are well cooked.

Deshi Ghnta odia recipe
Deshi Ghnta odia recipe

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