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Dahi Ambula Khata odia recipe by Ajåýå

1- Ambula(Dry Mango)6-7 pieces
2- 2 tsp of mustard paste
3- 3 red chillis
4- 1 tsp of punch phutan
5- curry leaves 9-10
6- 2 tsp of oil
7- 1/2 tsp of grated ginger
8- 1/2 tsp of grated mango ginger (amba ada)
9- 3 tsp of grated coconut
10- 1-2 tsp of Jeera and red chilli powder (fried)
11- 3 tsp sugar
12- 1 cup of yogurt
13- Salt (as per taste)
kipari karibe . .method :-
*Soak the ambula in water for 2hr.
*Then take the kadai
*Heat oil, then add red chilli and punch phutan in to it.
*When it starts spluttering then add grated ginger.
*Then add soaked dry mango into it.
*After 2-3 minute add mustard paste into it & put some water.
*After 1-2 minute add sugar into it.
*Then add some salt & keep the flame in medium.
*Then leave it for 15 minutes.
*Then add grated coconut, red chilli and Jeera powder into it and leave it for 2-3 mins.
*Then add curd & mango ginger, mix it well.
Now Dahi Ambula Khata is ready

Dahi Ambula Khata
Dahi Ambula Khata

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